Flair-It PRO Barcoded Fittings

Flair-It offers barcoded Flair-It PRO PEX fittings. Flair-It PRO PEX fittings meet IAPMO, NSF, and CSA specifications and are ideal for professional installation or do it yourself plumbing repair.

Flair-It PRO PEX fittings require Flair-It PRO tools, which are affordable and compact for easy use. Installation is easy – cut the PEX tubing square, push the ring onto the end of the PEX tubing until the end of the tubing is flush with the back of the ring, arrange the fitting and the assembled ring/tubing into the jaws of the Flair-It PRO tool and squeeze the handles of the tool until the fitting and the ring/tubing are pressed all the way together.

The Flair-It PRO PEX system is compatible with any brand or type of SDR-9 PEX tubing. It is approved for behind the wall and in concealed areas.