Ecopoly Barcoded Fittings

Ecopoly offers a full line of barcoded polysulfone (PSU) insert PEX fittings. EcoPoly PSU insert PEX fittings meet cNSF-14 Annex G for Lead Free 61, Mfg to ASTM F2159 F 877 and CSA 137.5 specifications and are ideal for professional installation or do it yourself plumbing repair. EcoPoly PSU insert PEX fittings are compatible with PEXLOCK crimp rings, copper PEX crimp rings, stainless steel PEX clamps and any brand or type of SDR-9 PEX tubing.

EcoPoly PSU insert PEX fittings require the use of a copper ring PEX crimper or stainless steel clamp PEX crimper. Installation is easy – cut the PEX tubing square, slide a copper ring or stainless steel clamp along the tubing, insert the barbed fitting into the end of the tubing, slide the ring over the barb so its about 1/8” from the body of the fitting and crimp the ring/clamp with the PEX crimper.

Rings and clamps are sold separately unless specified in the description. EcoPoly PSU insert PEX fittings are constructed of durable Udel Polysulfone (PSU) resin. PSU is a resilient plastic resin that is resistant to stress fractures and extreme temperatures. However, it is susceptible to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as bug spray, certain cleaners, pipe dope, primers, glues and adhesives. Keep all products made of PSU out of contact with VOCs.